GodSpeed Organization

GODSPEED was founded in 1996, its spiritual mission is predicated on non-denominational Biblical beliefs. All internal administration and operations are self funded.

As a foundation and think tank we conduct research and engage in the advocacy of economic strategies and social issues, which impact poverty, unemployment and political policies. Godspeed will endeavor to conduct innovative and pioneering research in policy related matters which shall be of clear public and humanitarian benefit.

Economic Projects

Godspeed is a scientifically-based Think Tank, which has invested time, money and resources into developing patented economic strategies, which would impact the needs of the misfortunate. We give precedence to the most urgent cases of affliction, seeking to provide economic relief and material assistance throughout the world. We strive to help solve these challenges with sound economic strategies, which we have completed or are under development, which is listed below.

  • B.E.T. Model

    Business Economic Transition strategy. It generated over $100 million per month in sales, within 6 months of R&D and implementation.

  • N.E.E.D.S Model

    National Economic Employment Diversification Strategy. A patented quantifiable global economic growth model, quantitatively proven to generate 4-7 million U.S. jobs in the current unemployment crisis facing this and many other nations around the world.

  • M.E.T. Model

    Micro Economic Transition Model. An industrial economic growth model specifically designed for poverty emerging countries. Many countries in poverty require food and medical supplies in the short term, but their primary requirement is a long term economic model that establishes financial security and a strong competitive middle class. It seeks to do away with caste systems and other extreme economic classes divided between the very wealthy and the very poor.