Sir Isaac Newton, was an English physicist, theologian mathematician, astronomer and natural philosopher. His brilliant work in physics has influenced all of science; in 1687 he published Philosphiae Naturalis Principia Mathamatica, which historically impacted all of science. He established the foundation for mechanical science, with his work on laws of gravitation and the three laws of motion.

Yet many are not aware of his factual biblical writings, spending more time on Christian Theology than on science. His methodical scientific nature caused him to approach the bible on a more pragmatic factual level. Newton was not one to waste his time on mythical fiction, he was motivated to pursue factual truth writing over 1.2 million words on biblical subjects. One will have to question what logical premise motivates brilliant individuals to pursue the Biblical truth and why many skeptics choose not to understand or pursue the truth.

Newton’s scientific position contributed to the law of conservation of energy stating that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be changed from one form to another or transferred from one body to another.” The human body constitutes significant amounts of energy, if consolidated in one burst it could light a building. When the body dies, that energy does not cease to exist; but changes form or is transferred. We believe that energy is part of your soul.

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