Sir William Ramsay, was knighted and graduated from Oxford University with a doctorate in philosophy, for his work with ‘orthotoluic acid’. He discovered Krypton and Neon (among others) and received distinguished awards from numerous societies (including Pope Leo XII, and the Royal Geographical Society). He also taught at Cambridge and Oxford. Ramsay was raised as a Biblical nonbeliever, by his atheist parents.

Sir Ramsay, was determined to undermine the historical accuracy of the Bible (which he preferred to call a “Book of fables”), he studied archaeology with the aim of disproving the biblical account. Once ready with the necessary scientific tools and learning, he traveled to Palestine and focused on the book of Acts, which he fully expected to refute as nothing more than myth.

After 25 years of work and research, traveling Asia and the Middle East. Ramsay was awestruck by the historical accuracy and evidence of the New Testament. In his quest to refute the Bible, Ramsay discovered many facts which confirmed its precision. He had to concede that Biblical events and settings were exact even in the smallest detail. Far from attacking the biblical account, Ramsay produced a book, St. Paul, the Traveler and Roman Citizen, which supported Biblical events.

Eventually, William Ramsay shocked the intellectual world by writing that he had converted to Christianity. Ironically, this man who set out to refute the Bible, found himself accepting the Bible as God’s Word because of his academic explorations and factual discoveries.

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