GodSpeed Organization

GODSPEED’s organization, established in 1996, is driven by a profound commitment to addressing humanity’s pressing challenges. With a strong emphasis on leveraging existing humanitarian platforms, our organization aims to create partnerships. Furthermore, we are proud to share that all internal administration and operations are self-funded, ensuring our dedication and focus remain unwavering.

As a foundation, we will internally develop various think tank platforms to conduct research and engage in advocating innovative economic strategies and addressing social issues. Godspeed aims to conduct groundbreaking and pioneering research in policy-related matters that will benefit the public and promote humanitarian causes.

Economic Projects

Godspeed is a Think Tank that is grounded in scientific research. We have dedicated significant time, funds, and resources to develop patented economic and social strategies that address the pressing needs of humanity. Our primary focus is on providing urgent relief to those who are suffering, offering financial aid, medical support, and material assistance around the globe. We are committed to tackling these challenges by implementing effective economic strategies, some of which have already been completed and others that are currently in development. Below, you will find a list of these strategies.

  • B.E.T. Model

    The B.E.T. Model is a strategy that aims to develop partnerships between businesses, potentially generating significant revenue by improving existing businesses.

  • N.E.E.D.S Model

    The N.E.E.D.S Model, which stands for National Economic Employment Diversification Strategy, is a patented and quantifiable global economic growth model. It has been proven to generate jobs, addressing the current unemployment crisis faced by this and many other nations worldwide.

  • M.E.T. Model

    Lastly, the M.E.T. Model, or Micro Economic Transition Model, is an industrial economic growth model designed explicitly for emerging platforms. Our goal is to establish financial structures and a solid competitive middle class, to eliminate caste systems and extreme economic divisions between the very wealthy and the very poor.